stock dogs are an excellent investment!
John Tate with tough Cow DogsTATE RANCH is located in Seneca, Missouri and run by John and Karen Tate. John has bred and trained quarter horses, cattle and cattle dogs for many years. We breed our dogs to be tough, fearless and dependable for working with cattle or other livestock. We also give our pups lots of affection which makes them friendly and happy to be with people. We almost always have new pups and started dogs available for sale. Our top stock dogs have competed and have been recognized as top performing stock dogs at many competitive stock dog trials throughout the United States.

We occasionally train a limited number of outside dogs on cattle.

We've sold dogs to ranchers in California, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. We can help determine what dogs might be best for your needs as well as arrange the safe transportation and shipment of dogs.

Karen and John Tate with Stock Dog PupsWith a well trained, quality stock dog on the job cattle learn quickly that they mean business! Cattle will often just head right back in once they set sight on the dog! They don't even think of sneaking away!

Besides being a stock dog breeding and training facility we also raise cattle. We not only train dogs for other farmers and ranchers but have a real, practical need for quality stock dogs to help us handle our own livestock!


We can help
  handle your cattle with a less stress, less strain, less frustration
make your job easier and less stressful
save you time which saves you money
reduce labor costs which saves you money
make your job more enjoyable
our dogs are trained to herd cattle and sheep but are well bred natural herders and can be trained to herd other animals.
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